Micro­service Websites

Scalable development of an evolvable system with great mobile performance

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HTTP/2 is the enabler of building websites with autonomous teams, due to its multiplexing mechanism. We can use more JS and CSS references nowadays using HTTP/2. The following style of frontend architecture would not have possible with HTTP 1.1.

HTTP/2 implementations multiplex AJAX requests as well, making Client Side Includes more viable than before.

You need to respect that some users still use HTTP 1.1. However, they’re not that many, they’re getting fewer and fewer, and most of them are on desktop devices and have good network connections.


Mobile performance

Autonomous web development teams (Scalable development)

Heterogenous system (Evolvability)

Transclude HTML fragments

Pages + fragments + transclusion

No shared libraries or frameworks in the client

Fragment dependencies

Server-side vs client-side transclusion


Maintaining the system

Teams are responsible for their assembled pages

Discovery of fragment types and fragment instances